SIBO & Candida Support Kit

Product image 1RootFix SIBOCide & CandiCide - GrassRoots Functional Medicine Store
Product image 2RootFix SIBOCide & CandiCide - GrassRoots Functional Medicine Store
Product image 3SIBO & Candida Support Kit

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SIBO and Candida are incredibly common gut infections that often go hand in hand. The supplements in this kit target opportunistic microbes in the GI tract and support a balanced microbiome.

By bundling both, you'll get extra savings and support gut recovery!

RootFix SIBOCide

The proprietary blend of eastern and western herbs in this formula provide a broad anti-dysbiotic effect, even with low dosing. This allows it to be both effective and gentle in order to minimize die-off symptoms.

Beyond killing off overgrown bacteria, it contains select herbs to heal intestinal damage caused by dysbiosis.

RootFix CandiCide

Most patients struggling with SIBO also have some degree of fungal or Candida overgrowth. Treating both simultaneously yields better results in the immediacy and can reduce the risk of recurrence.

The CandiCide formula contains a proprietary blend of herbs, spices and botanical preparations shown to have anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

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