Tri-Butyrin Supreme (Formally Post-BioMax)

Product image 1Tri-Butyrin Supreme (Formally Post-BioMax)
Product image 2Tri-Butyrin Supreme (Formally Post-BioMax)

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Tri-Butyrin Supreme represents a new approach to gut health and immune function with ingredients designed to modulate intestinal flora, promote colonocyte integrity (the cells that line your digestive tract) and support healthy gut permeability.

It covers a crucial aspect of gut health that many people are missing out on...postbiotics!

What are postbiotics?
Postbiotics are the metabolites (primarily short-chain fatty acids or SCFAs), produced by the beneficial bacteria in your colon after feeding on prebiotic fibers.

Here’s a helpful graphic to understand where they fall in the microbiome lifecycle.

What type of postbiotics are in PostBio Max?
Butyrate is the most widely studied SCFA and is the active ingredient in PostBio Max. It is the main source of energy for your gut cells. Increasing butyrate helps promote the assembly of tight junctions in your gut lining and stimulates intestinal mucous production. In simple terms, it helps keep your intestinal lining healthy and repairs leaky gut.

Research has shown butyrate to:

  • Prevent and repair leaky gut (source)
  • Lower inflammation (source)
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels (source)
  • Help treat Crohn’s disease and IBS (source)
  • Balance blood sugar (source)
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer (source)

Can the butyrate survive the intestinal tract?
This is where this supplement really shines and why it provides additional support beyond eating dietary butyrate. 

Butyrate is present in foods such as butter, cream, cheese, and fermented vegetables, but it is primarily metabolized in the stomach and small intestine. The tributyrin in PostBio Max withstands degradation in the upper GI tract and arrives in the colon where it has targeted effects. 

Who can benefit from PostBio Max?
This is an excellent daily supplement for anyone who:

  • Is repairing leaky gut
  • Has an autoimmune condition
  • Has high intestinal inflammation
  • Wants to optimize gut function

Does PostBio Max replace the need for pre or probiotics?
No. Remember, your microbiome is an ecosystem and the goal is diversity! Think of an ecosystem in nature. There are many different species of plants, insects, and animals interacting with each other, fulfilling their specific roles, and keeping any one thing from overgrowing. 

Your gut microbiome similarly needs a broad array of bacteria to fulfill its many jobs and remain in balance.

We recommend a diet rich in fiber, resistant starch, and colorful fruits and vegetables to provide ample prebiotics. 


Recommended Use: Take one soft gel per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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