Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"

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Product image 2Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"
Product image 3Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"
Product image 4Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"
Product image 5Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"
Product image 6Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"
Product image 7Wellness Essentials "Sensitive Gut"

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Whether you're recovering from chronic illness or simply optimizing your wellness, there are three supplements I recommend for everyone to take on a daily basis - a multivitamin, a probiotic, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

By bundling all three, you'll get extra savings and build a strong foundation of health!

*This collection is specifically for those with gut imbalances such as SIBO who require a spore-based probiotic.

RootFix MegaMulti

This is not your standard multivitamin! RootFix MegaMulti is designed to provide optimal levels of key vitamins, trace minerals, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants far above what you'll see in a drugstore multi. 

It is specifically designed to:

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Promote optimal thyroid function
  • Improve detoxification
  • Support hormone balance
  • Promote general wellness 


Unlike traditional probiotics, this spore-based probiotic contains only bacillus spore strains of good bacteria. This makes it an ideal source of beneficial flora for those with SIBO and other gut imbalances who are sensitive to Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

It specifically features Bacillus Indicus HU36™, a patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut to aid digestion and reduce inflammation and pain.

RootFix OmegaMax

Omega 3 fatty acids, often called fish oil, are a powerful tool for reducing inflammation, promoting brain health and memory, and supporting a balanced mood.

OmegaMax features natural enzymatically enhanced MaxSimil® monoglyceride fish oil that has a 3x greater EPA/DHA absorption rate than any other fish oil on the market.

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